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Time is a precious commodity these days and as Mums, we are so very busy juggling so many things, leaving very little time to invest in ourselves.

I warmly invite you to come on on over and join my ‘WONDER MUMMAS’ -EMPOWER community. This group was inspired by being a busy, active Mum myself.

I was always a gym goer, runner…and now i’m a busy Mum who requires a whole different sort of energy. I sat thinking…. how can I make my health and wellbeing a priority amidst the ever changing daily routine and schedules? How can I help other Mums to find their strength, feel good, feel inspired, empowered and have more energy?

Some days I ‘wonder’ what day it is…. I ‘wonder’ when i’ll get time to hang out that washing, or fold and put away… I ‘wonder’ if i’ll ever get to sit and finish a cup of hot tea.

But when I really think about this new job I have in raising this precious boy, with the flexibility of working from home, all that other stuff doesn’t actually matter. Our babies are so small for such a short time.

It’s a ‘wonder’ how he was created, how he grew in my tummy, came into this world and a ‘wonder’ how my body generated food to nourish him.

We are all ‘WONDER MUMMAS’

We all have our own story, challenges and hurdles along the way and spend our days and nights wondering about so many things.

The thing is… if you find yourself ‘wondering;’ if you are doing a good job as a Mumma…. you already are one! and so…. ‘WONDER MUMMAS’ was created.

Mummas…. Move over Wonder Woman! We are bad ass superheros who do incredible things everyday and night.

For the small price of $15 per week, Join my Facebook community here…………..

Enjoy series of short 10-15min workouts that you can add into your daily schedule at a time that suits you.

Gain more energy

Build and develop strength & Flexibility

Improve your mood

Improve circulation & Digestion






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