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“I have just finished the 8 week mums in motion. I was nervous to get started (9 weeks) as my fitness was not the same as before having bubs however Deb is such a friendly, knowledgeable and motivating lady and in such a lovely setting all the nerves went away! 
I enjoyed that everything was gradually stepped up and was not jumping straight into a full blown workout. I know what to look out for pain wise now and practical ways to use these skills in day to day life with baby all while regaining strength and balance. The best part was being able to have our babies there with us as it can be a struggle to do something like this for yourself as a mum. 
Deb was great at giving cuddles to keep the little one happy so we could continue on with our session! 
I couldn’t find any faults. I think the booklet is a great idea and the online videos were fantastic. Very easy to follow along at home between sessions. 
All in all has been a great experience and so looking forward to continuing on with Mums in Action.”
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