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Ditch the scales

We have all been there. Fixated on our weight on the scales. Weighing when we first get up in the morning when our tummy is empty, after exercise, after we have over eaten to assess how much we have over eaten… BAD, BAD, BAD!

Question: Does this really serve a ‘healthy mindset’? 

The answer is NO!

It leads to a downward cycle of a negative body image, leading to negative self talk  a bad relationship with food and guilt.

The number you see on the scales is not an accurate tool to go by when tracking your health.


Did you know our weight fluctuates throughout the day?

How much of that number you see is actually muscle, fat, water retention build up in the bowels? Don’t let that number dictate what you do.

I see it time and time again with people I have started working with…dejected when the number on the scales either goes up or does not change despite positive changes in their diet or increased exercise.

Let me give you an example.

I trained with my trainer for 6 months. Twice weekly doing weights – strength training.

My number on the scales before and after stayed the same… but my clothes fit differently, my physique was more toned.

My fat % had gone down and my lean body mass had gone up. I had swapped fat for lean muscle.

I encourage you to ditch those scales, make your body assessment based on how you feel, how your clothes fit rather than getting into a negative cycle with the number on the scales!

Make 2023 your year for positive self talk, learn to love the body you are in and kick those scales to the kerb!

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