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Ditch the scales

We have all been there. Fixated on our weight on the scales. Weighing when we first get up in the morning when our tummy is empty, after exercise, after we have over eaten to assess how much we have over…

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Self-care tips and links

Self care is an important part of your journey to wellness… "You have three components to look after. You are responsible for your MIND + BODY + SOUL" Taking time out for yourself is never a waste of time, whether its…

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Sweet Potato Brownies

It's a summery Sunday today and I finally had a chance to try this recipe! I didn't have Cocoa... so used Organic Cacao powder instead. Made the mixture, then realised...this undomesticated goddess didn't have the right pan. So, I rolled…

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Outdoor workout ideas

It's summer time and it is hot. Your motivation is lacking... It could be easy to miss a workout, but why not integrate it into a fun activity at the beach instead? Planking is great for the core and can…

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